Constructed in 1992, Beijing E-town has become a high-end brand with international influence.A total of 119 investment projects have been launched by 83 Global Top 500 enterprises in the development area.

  • E-town presents awards to leading innovation talents 2017-02-27

    The E-town Development Area in Beijing held the second award ceremony of the Innovative and Entrepreneur Talents Project• E-town Talents on Feb 21, according to the People’s Daily.

    E-town to get tram system 2017-02-24

    Despite modern transportation including private cars and company shuttle buses, commuters in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area will soon be able to travel by tram.

    China e-commerce giant to build world's first drone delivery network 2017-02-23

    E-commerce giant has teamed up with the government of northwest China's Shaanxi Province to build the world's first drone delivery network.

  • Old and new 'can exist in harmony' 2017-02-22

    E-commerce platforms and bricks-and-mortar stores could coexist and complement each other, analysts said on Monday, after the CEO of powerful Chinese e-commerce platform made disparaging remarks during a television program about its rival's offline stores in his hometown.

    BOE holds most patents globally in 2016 2017-02-22

    BOE, a Beijing-based technology company, saw a breakthrough in its core businesses as a total of 7,570 patents in display devices, smart systems, and healthcare services were approved in 2016, ranking first in the world.

    BOE to tap Russian market 2017-02-22

    BOE, allying with Huawei, is to boost its prestige in Russia’s video market, according to a Feb 17 E Times report.