Constructed in 1992, Beijing E-town has become a high-end brand with international influence.A total of 119 investment projects have been launched by 83 Global Top 500 enterprises in the development area.

  • China to strengthen regulation over Internet finance businesses

    China will continue to strengthen regulation over the country's mushrooming Internet finance businesses in 2018 to facilitate long-term development of the industry, the National Internet Finance Association (NIFA) has said.

    Emerging industries to get greater economic clout 2018-02-13

    China has pledged to make further efforts to boost the emerging sectors this year as they have contributed more than 30 percent to the country's economic growth, according to the nation's top economic regulator.

    11 BDA-based scientific achievements win recognition 2018-02-12

    A total of 11 BDA-based scientific and technological achievements were recognized at the Beijing Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing on Feb 5, doubling the number of award-winning achievements of last year, according to local media.

  • China's cross-border e-commerce trade up 80% in 2017

    Cross-border e-commerce trade has been flourishing in China, with turnover rising 80.6 percent from a year earlier to 90.24 billion yuan last year.

    Smart logistics to bring cost benefits 2018-02-08

    Chinese online retailers are ramping up their efforts in intelligent logistics operations by using drones, robotics and driverless vehicles for parcel delivery, aiming to bring down costs and transform the logistics industry.

    JD takes green route to sustainable growth 2018-02-08

    Online shopping giant JD is putting more efforts into carton recycling and promoting the use of sustainable, greener packaging materials through its Green Stream Initiative, as part of the commitment to run its business more sustainably.